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Cybersecurity Check-Up

Working Remotely? Don't go phishing while you're at it.

Cybersecurity continues to be a fast moving risk that seems to always be out of reach. While we may not all be ahead of the technology curve, here are some simple ways to make cybersecurity a bit more tangible and less nebulous.


If you haven't already heard, phishing attacks are the most common method used for maliciously intended individuals or websites to infect your computer. Cybercriminals (the fisher) use various methods to hook a user with bait in the form of a clickable link or or message. After clicking the link, various viruses and malware start working in your computer to collect and release personal and financial information back to the scammer.

Avoid phishing emails using these 5 indicators:

  1. Generic or unusual subject lines such as, "My oldest friend!", or "Remember Me?"

  2. If a link is included, make sure that the URL ends with the letter "s" to read, "https://..." This "s" denotes encrypted technology is used to protect your information.

  3. Improper use of Copyright

  4. Incorrect spelling and/or grammar

  5. Unknown Urgency...Any communication of an urgent matter should come from a person you are familiar with. If the sender is pushing for you to act quickly, especially with the indication that if you do not act quickly your personal information is at risk, it is likely a scam.

Stay Updated

Rebooting your computer daily ensures that the latest patches are installed. This reduces the risk of malware staying undetected on your computer, and prevents your equipment from the newest most sophisticated threats.

Make a Call

If you are receiving emails requesting sensitive information, locate the telephone number of the organization and call them directly. This avoids unnecessary clicks and links and sets you up to feel confident about your cybersecurity.

CISA publishes valuable materials you can review and provide to those around you to ensure cybersecurity protocols are in place. Some of their most valuable worksheet links are provided below:


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