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  • Fleet of 7 Rifle Trucks

  • Route Deliveries as Best Economic Option

  • Overnight Delivery

  • Appointment Delivery

  • Lift-Gate Options

  • Curbside Residential Delivery

  • Air-Ride Trailer

  • Weekend Special Pickup/Delivery


  • Immediate Proximity to all CFS stations and LAX

  • Air Export Inspection

  • 2 x Daily Pickup and Delivery to CFS

  • 2 x Daily Pickup and Delivery to LAX


RFL Traffic, Inc., is Fleischer's most recent addition to our supply chain services offering interstate truck brokerage.

RFL works in tandem with FFS, RGF, and RFL providing interstate delivery. Using FFS for freight forward, RGF for Customs Clearance, RIF for recovering freight and RFL for delivering across the nation, this complex supply chain system becomes seamless and dependable.

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