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U.S. Launches Antidumping Investigation on Truck and Bus Tires from Thailand

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The Department of Commerce (Commerce) has recently initiated an antidumping duty investigation on "Truck and Bus Tires from Thailand," marking a significant development in the international trade landscape. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this investigation, its scope, and what importers need to know about potential antidumping duties.

Understanding the Investigation: On November 6, 2023, the Department of Commerce officially launched an investigation on "Truck and Bus Tires from Thailand." This investigation has been assigned the case number A-549-848. The objective is to determine whether these tires are being sold in the United States at less than fair value, which could harm domestic tire manufacturers.

Scope of Merchandise:

The investigation encompasses a specific category of tires, namely truck and bus tires. These tires are characterized by their new pneumatic rubber construction and have a truck or bus size designation. They can be tube-type, tubeless, radial, or non-radial, the latter also known as bias construction or bias-ply.

To be considered within the scope of the investigation, these tires must have the "DOT" symbol on the sidewall, signifying compliance with motor vehicle safety standards. Additionally, tires with a "TR" or "HC" suffix in their size designation are covered, regardless of their intended use.

Furthermore, all tires that lack the specified suffix markings but are of a size that fits trucks or buses are included in the scope. This size determination is based on standards listed in the "Truck-Bus" section of the Tire and Rim Association Year Book.

It's important to note that truck and bus tires are included whether or not they are mounted on wheels or rims. However, if a subject tire is imported already mounted, only the tire itself falls within the scope. Tires attached to a vehicle are not covered.

Exclusions from the Scope:

Certain types of tires are explicitly excluded from this investigation. These include pneumatic tires that are not new (including recycled and retreaded tires), non-pneumatic tires like solid rubber tires, and tires with specific physical characteristics, such as "MH" designation on the sidewall for mobile home use and non-radial construction.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Classification: The subject merchandise falls under specific HTSUS subheadings, including 4011.20.1015 and 4011.20.5020. However, it's essential to remember that the written description of the subject merchandise takes precedence over the HTSUS subheadings.

Implications for Importers:

Importers should take note that entries of subject merchandise made after the initiation of this investigation may retroactively become subject to antidumping duties. Therefore, staying informed about the progress of the investigation is crucial to mitigate potential financial impacts.

How to Stay Updated:

Parties interested in this investigation can submit comments on its scope. For comprehensive details on how to submit comments and to access the Initiation Notice when published in the Federal Register, visit using the assigned case number.


The initiation of the antidumping duty investigation on Truck and Bus Tires from Thailand underscores the United States' commitment to fair trade practices. Importers and stakeholders should closely follow the developments of this investigation to make informed decisions and ensure compliance with any potential antidumping duties.


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