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Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Container Loads can be the most efficient and cost effective method of shipping sea freight. Our team at FFS reviews each booking's weights and dimensions, secures Tier I pricing, and then reviews schedules and options with you to determine which shipping method best suits your needs. Shipping via FCL can often shave a few days off of transit time without the need for consolidation at origin and de-consolidation at destination. It's important to have experienced professionals review all options with you to help save time and money on every booking.

20'General Purpose

20'GP Containers can accommodate up to 33cbm of freight. Think of this value as if filling the container with water. Standard packing often contains spacing between boxes, pallets, and security measures. While every container size has the capacity to hold a specified volume, one must take these other factors into consideration when determining how cargo will actually fit within the shipping container.

40'General Purpose, 40'High Cube, 45'High Cube

40'/40'HC/45'HC, This set of container sizes accommodate the largest volume of enclosed space. Because of the volume, these options are often the most economical.

Refrigerated IMO (Reefer)

Refrigerated containers, or reefers, are temperature controlled units typically used for agriculture products and other specialty items that require a controlled environment. The generator set attached to the container keeps temperatures constant as the interior of non-refrigerated containers can reach temperatures well above 150degrees while at sea.

Open Top

20'OT/40'OT, Open Top containers function best for cargo that requires a crane for loading and unloading, and/or with out of gauge height. If within gauge on all sides, but freight requires a crane to move, additional "soft" covers can be used to further protect cargo during transit. 20', 40', and 40'HC options available.

Open Side and Double Door

Open Side and Double Door Containers provide great security and allow for quick loading and unloading of cargo. Exceedingly long cargo can be easily removed from the side of the container directly onto a job site or plant. 20', 40', and 40'HC options available

Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO-RO)

Many vessels have space designated for wheeled cargo while some are exclusively for RO-RO. This can be efficient and cost effective, but provides less safety than loading cargo into a container with bracing. Importers will need assistance to make an informed decision on how to transport wheeled merchandise as various options are available with differing benefits and drawbacks.


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