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ACE Filing Section 321 Low-value Shipments

U.S. Customs has laid out preliminary structure in ACE to allow for Section 321 to be filed Electronically with proposed initiation in August '19

E-commerce efficiency over the past decade has led to an influx of international low-value shipments entering the U.S. economy. Favorable processing taxes and dutiable charges are applied to cargo valued at $800.00 or less but must be cleared using regulations covered by Section 321. This notoriously slow process has been paper based until now.

Pitfalls of Paper

Ask any broker and they will tell you the notorious wait times to receive Section 321 entries back from U.S. Customs. More often than not, these entries are misplaced by CBP and brokers expend an unnecessary amount of energy tracking them down. CBP has notified software providers and the trade that sometime in August 2019, brokers and self filers will be able to submit Section 321 entries electronically in ACE. This should greatly reduce the error rate in processing and turnaround time for Customs to clear these entries.

Entries will be cleared using type code 86 and are limited to $800.00 per day per importer/consignee. More information to come once Customs releases instructions for filing in a few months.


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